Summer Training Courses

Al-Kunooze University College and within the support of student activities and in cooperation with civil society organizations organize training courses for students of the college and summer vacation program under the supervision of the Student Affairs Department and the contribution of the student Al-Kunooze University College team which is held on the halls of the Al-Kunooze University College every day for 15 days from 4 pm to 6 pm. On
Raising awareness of the dangers of extortion, Mr. Ali Ghazi Hanoun
General Administration and Leadership Dr. Muhannad Yousef Al-Abadi from the Directorate of Youth and Sports
Law and Rights One day Mr. Aqeel Abdul Hussain Rahif Directorate of Youth and Sports
Dr. Yousuf Lizem Director of Youth and Sports
Biography of Dr. Mohammed Al - Ali
Training Course for Trainers Mr. Thaer Al Mansouri
Creative Thinking Professor
The Iraqi Journalists Syndicate
English Mr. Khaled Atta Comprehensive Development Network
We wish all participants success and success.
These initiatives are part of the management policy of the Faculty of Unified treasures to build a conscious generation and strengthen relations between civil society institutions and educational institutions and to emphasize the social values ​​aimed at serving the public interest and the visual society in particular.
All thanks and gratitude to student Hussain Al-Iraqi and the student treasures team for their active role in the success of student and social activities