Workshop on The Evaluation of Institutional Performance and the Mechanism of Writing The Self-Assessment Report

The College of AL-Kunooze University held a workshop entitled "Evaluation of Institutional Performance and Self-Assessment Report Writing Mechanism".

The workshop, which was attended by Dr. Mazen Badri Ahmed, an expert expert of Al-Mubadoun Company for training and consultant of two quality systems, the first: the concept of self-evaluation and its importance, the procedures of the composition of the working committees and how to write the report. And how they are calculated and their importance in evaluating institutional performance.

The steps and components of the self-assessment study, the axes, the elements and indicators adopted and the resulting weights were also clarified. The lecturer also referred to the mechanism of the book of self-evaluation report in advance of the case study as an applied model. Then a comprehensive dialogue between the attendees and the lecturer on the study of self-evaluation and its importance in developing the plan of improvement and implementation program within specific timelines to strengthen the strengths and correct the weaknesses and investment opportunities and overcome the risks and threats to the institution of education.