Vission, Mission and Goals

Vision of Al-Kunooze University College

Al-Kunooze University College is an integrated system. Each department consists of four scientific departments and each section has a knowledge specialization. It believes that human development and community development are the foundation of generations capable of building the nation. Its main goal is to manifest itself in science, education, scientific research and community service. And to enable students to deal with the requirements of the labor market and information technology, and is committed to the number of self-employed graduates, developing minds and scientific abilities and creating creators and openness to society in order to find scientific and develop capabilities to suit the field And to ensure the integration of theoretical and applied knowledge and qualification for academic accreditation, and to achieve creativity and knowledge integration in the administrative, economic and technological sciences through openness and communication with various institutions and community organizations. The College should maintain its leading role in the field of higher education to serve society. Provide quality studies and good scientific research.


College Message


Excellence in teaching and learning, and in providing specialized scientific knowledge service in the administrative, legal and engineering fields, emphasizing the aspects of learning, teaching and scientific research, enhancing the principles of scientific analysis and creative thinking, participating in the production and dissemination of knowledge and interaction with local and international communities. To plans, policies, programs and work, and the possibility of application and benefit from the available materials and taking into account the current and expected social and environmental conditions and the integration of different sections and units




First: In the field of higher education:
1. Preparing university generations that are aware of their human civilization heritage and keen to consolidate their faith in God and their loyalty to the homeland.
2. Preparation of productive animals with a decent character, keen to adhere to the scientific approach and academic qualification and technical self-reliance and the constant readiness to serve the community.
And provide institutions of the community cadres qualified scientifically and behavioral administrative and legal disciplines and engineering of the holders of initial certificates.
3. Dissemination of knowledge, contents, concepts and scientific and practical behaviors related to integrity and transparency and combating financial and administrative corruption in all its forms.
Second: In the field of scientific research:
1. Preparing scientific research and encouraging strategic projects by asking the college of scientific departments to prepare scientific research plans and encourage strategic projects that are in need of the country and to emphasize the application of the applied side.
2. Linking the various researches and college studies to comprehensive development plans and the future vision of society.
3. Preparing generations of researchers capable of creative work in various fields of administration, law, engineering and pathological analysis.


Third: In the field of scientific development:
1. The College through its sections to learn about the curricula in the world's solid universities, through which the study plans are developed in form and content in line with the continuous and accelerated development of the specializations of the college and provides the graduates with a stimulating environment to receive the knowledge to be able to scientific thinking and creative development.
2. Provide financial support in the development of scientific laboratories and computer laboratories, and laboratories of the Department of Pathological Analysis and equipped with modern techniques to increase the efficiency of students in the applied side.
3. Developing the teaching staff through providing financial support to participate in the distinguished local and international courses and conferences.
4. To develop the scientific and research capabilities of teaching and career staff to the advantage of the learning organization.

 Fourth: In the field of community service:
1. Participate in the service and development of the community through interaction and direct participation with its administrative, economic, social and cultural institutions, and provide scientific and technical advice to these institutions in order to benefit society from the potential of the college and its potential.
2. To develop human resources and increase their efficiency through the provision of education and training programs and the dissemination of scientific and humanitarian culture among the members of society.
3 - Courses in the computer under the supervision of the Department of Computer Technology to strengthen the relationship between the College and the community.
4. Hold courses in the administrative work of staff to provide them with planning, implementation and coordination skills under the supervision of the Department of Business Administration at the College
5. He conducted courses in the development of Arabic language under the supervision of the Department of Law at the College.
6. A senior course in the field of media and public relations aimed at communicating with different segments of society.
For the purpose of gaining experience in the field of press news, press report, face psychological warfare, fight rumor. Under the supervision of the media unit of the Faculty of treasures in coordination with the Journalists Syndicate.

Fifth: In cooperation with other scientific institutions.
1. Strengthening scientific links and links and exchanging experiences with Iraqi and Arab universities and scientific institutions.
2. Interaction with international scientific experiences and experiences in the fields of thought, science and culture.
Sixth: In the field of performance evaluation.
1. Benefit from the results of evaluation studies for the purpose of developing teaching programs and quality standards and encouraging student activities.
2. Develop programs to develop the capacity of faculty members to improve their performance and find the necessary incentives.
3. Develop plans and programs of scientific research and research training.
4. Cooperation between the College and Iraqi, Arab and international specialized bodies.