College Council

 College Council is the highest scientific and administrative body in the college. It is headed by the dean of the college. Its members include the assistants, the heads of the departments, the representatives of the founding board, College and the students, the rapporteur and the secretary of the council, meets monthly and makes decisions and recommendations and sends them to the Ministry of Higher Education / Department of Private University Education  for approval and approval.

Article (20) of the National Higher Education Act 2016 stipulates that the College Council shall exercise the following tasks:
1. Propose the admission requirements according to the scientific departments and follow up their implementation after approval.
2. Suggest the number of students who accept at the beginning of each academic year.
3. Proposing plans for the opening of departments and scientific branches and proposing the creation, integration or cancellation of sections or scientific branches.
4. Approving the plans of the scientific departments regarding the invitation of visiting professors.
5. Proposing plans for scientific research, writing, translation and publishing.
6. Proposing the plan to provide education requirements.
7. Proposing the curriculum and the changes that should occur in order to continuously improve the scientific situation.
8. Distribution of curricula over the academic years.
9. Suggest tuition fees.
10. Prepare the college staff.
11. The imposition of disciplinary sanctions on students in accordance with the instructions of the discipline of students in force.
12. Proposing a plan for cultural and scientific relations with official and non-governmental colleges and universities inside and outside Iraq.
13. Recommending the granting of academic certificates to graduates.
14. Referring the scientific promotions to the faculty members to the committee of scientific promotions in the public universities for the purpose of recommending the upgrade in preparation for submission to the University Council.
15. Recommend opening morning or evening courses to teach foreign languages ​​and continuing education courses.