E-Learning Unit

 The e-learning unit is one of the administrative units affiliated to the college treasures university. It defined the unit's tasks, duties, vision and goals.

The tasks of the Ibn Sina unit for e-learning:

1. Academically supervising distance education in the college.

2. Develop a long-term plan for distance education in the college in coordination.

3. Specify the educational specifications for the distance education systems to be applied in the college.

4. Supervising educational design tasks in e-courses development projects designed to teach in the style of distance education.

5. Propose the regulatory standards for e-learning and distance education applications at the college level.

6. Coordination with the faculty departments regarding teaching distance education courses.

7. Coordination with the Deanship of Skills Development to hold training courses on distance education for faculty and students.

8. Training and assisting teachers in using educational platforms.
9. Producing electronic courses.
10. Online testing service.
12. Lecture photocopying service.
13. The electronic library.


The college's Ibn Sina e-learning unit seeks to support faculty and students and support them in developing communication and information technologies to improve the level of educational service provided by the college for students and community service as a whole.

What is the unit:

The e-learning unit is one of the newly created units that are concerned with supporting e-learning, training and teaching activities using modern technologies.
Promote and encourage excellence in the fields of teaching, education and other academic activities.
The e-learning unit supports the educational role of the college by adding the technological dimension of formal education in the framework of the college’s ambitious policy and working to develop and support the skills of faculty members to produce modern electronic courses on the international network and raise students ’efficiency in their use and encourage them to self-learn.

Unit goals:

Spreading the culture of e-learning in the college.
Helping faculty members to produce and convert their courses into electronic courses.
Providing courses and workshops for faculty and the cooperative staff.
Supervising and updating the college’s website on the Internet.
Supervising the scientific department sites in the college, if any, and developing and updating them on the Internet.
Helping faculty members prepare their CVs and their websites.
Helping faculty members to create an email.

Unit official

Asst. lecturer Hassan Saad Mohammed