Business Administration Department

Business Administration Department
The Business Administration program at the University Treasures College is essential in facing the current challenges of the administrative environment. This program is designed to provide the necessary information and skills for management students and includes techniques and tools for analyzing various business problems, formulating and implementing business strategies as well as understanding administrative functions. Self-confident leaders who are distinguished in problem solving, and managers equipped with the ability to analyze and think creatively is the main product of this curriculum. Without the proper decision and good management of the manager, the organization will fail. The department accepts middle school graduates (scientific and literary) and graduates of middle school.

the message
Graduating scientifically qualified cadres that meet the needs of the local and regional labor market by adopting scientific programs that are compatible with quality standards and academic accreditation, as well as providing the community with specialized research in business administration to advance the profession and support the growth of the national economy.

Excellence, leadership and scientific reference in administrative and financial sciences.

1- Preparing qualified graduates with professional and research skills to carry out tasks in the field of business administration in public and private institutions.
2- Developing the characteristics and skills of creativity, innovation and innovation for future business leaders.
3- Providing distinguished university education in the field of administrative and financial sciences in accordance with accreditation and quality standards.
4- Enriching knowledge and contributing to scientific progress in the field of business administration through conducting scientific research, and keeping pace with the development of business science.
5- Holding seminars, seminars and conferences in the field of specialization to discuss contemporary issues, or problems with scientific reality.
6- Preparing specialized research and studies, with a focus on applied research that provides solutions to scientific problems.
7- Meeting the development needs of qualified manpower in the field of business administration that requires a high level of specialized modern performance.