Computer Techniques Engineering Department

It is a technical engineering department whose inputs are graduates of middle school with its scientific branch as well as graduates of vocational education in computer, electronic, and information technology specialties, the duration of the study is four years, after which the graduate gets a bachelor’s degree that qualifies him to practice technical engineering work, especially in the field of designing and implementing computer-based systems In her work.
The Computer Technology Engineering program is an applied academic program concerned with teaching and training students in practice in the specialized subjects and the auxiliary materials for specialization in computer technology engineering.
The general competence of the department is divided into two specialized branches according to the student’s desire and after the student’s success to the third academic stage, namely (Computer Communications Networks Branch) and (Computer Electronics Branch). The department’s courses include general engineering requirements in computers and electronics, and specialization requirements such as computer networks and communications, and will be able to:
Design and implement computer-based systems in their work.
Dealing with electronic and computer control systems in addition to communications and computer networks.
Familiarity with the design, installation and management of computer networks and networking devices.
Knowledge of low-level languages ​​that deal with the computer's physical components in addition to high-level languages ​​for the purpose of controlling computer-based systems in their work.

After completing the course, he obtains a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Computer Technology and the graduate is accredited by the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate, and the graduate can obtain a master’s and doctorate in the fields of computer technology engineering in all his specialties