Media and Public Relations Unit


The Media and Public Relations Unit at Al-Kunooze University College  to introduce the activities, events and services provided by the College and develop the relationship with various segments of society by creating a state of harmony and continuous communication between the community and enhancing the relationship with the various media.
The unit is one of the necessary units in any institution that seeks to keep pace with the era of the digital revolution and the tasks of unity in Al-Kunooze University College are:
1 - Working to cover all activities and events of the college inside and outside
2. Confronting rumors, if any, by professional news
3. Coordination with local newspapers and magazines
4- Facilitate and coordinate the media work with the media in the departments or media, visual, read and audio
5 - Organizing conferences and celebrations and seminars for the college and covered by the media
6 - Monitoring the visual and audio media and reading and documenting the news of the college
7. The Unit shall issue congratulations and condolences on national and religious occasions or personal events in the name of the College
8. Printing and designing pamphlets and wallpapers and all related to publishing and distribution