Conditions of Application and Acceptance

The student is a graduate of the preparatory school or its equivalent with the support of the Iraqi Ministry of Education for scientific, literary, commercial and industrial branches

Graduates are accepted this year and previous years.

Graduates of the scientific branch are entitled to apply to all departments in the college (computer technology engineering, satisfactory analysis, business administration, law)

Graduates of the literary branch have the right to apply for sections (Law - Business Administration)

Graduates of the Commercial Branch are entitled to apply for the Department of Business Administration.

The required documents must be submitted according to the conditions, including the preparatory study document containing grades and approved by the Directorate of Education within one week from the date of submission, otherwise acceptance is null and void.

The applicant's age should not exceed 30 years in any case

Students are accepted in evening classes over the age of 30 years. The competition according to the average for the preparatory course is the basis for the differentiation.

The documents required for submission

The middle school document (original copy) with grades sealed with the school stamp and certified by the relevant education directorate with a color photocopy
The application form stamped with the stamp of the school from which he graduated and certified by the relevant education directorate

The original civil status ID with a color photocopy

Original Iraqi nationality certificate with a colored photocopy

A medical report confirming the student's safety from communicable and infectious diseases 6 recent colored personal photos, measuring 4 * 6