IT Division

This division aims to communicate and consolidate relations between Al-Kunooze University College and other universities and all scientific and community institutions and serve students scientifically by securing official letters on the college system to communicate with the teachers, exchange information and scientific lectures between them, achieve scientific and practical benefit for them, obtain a better educational level, and follow up the activities of students and the college and all What is related to the e-mail of the faculty, students, teachers, scientific and administrative departments, displaying everything new through the official website and maintaining social communication.
The Information Technology Division at Al-Kunooze University College aims to provide stable, high-quality IT services that support our users in their work. Design training documents and tools to help faculty prepare to teach effectively in the manner intended for their courses. In addition to current opportunities to visit and test classes.
The Information Technology Department provides reliable, contemporary, and integrated technology to enable teaching, learning, research, and service.

Search assistance
Accounts and Identity Management
Audio, video and communication
Data center and hardware
Email, messaging, and collaboration
Help and advice
Network and Internet access
Web sites, applications, and programs
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Administrator, Division Official

Asst. Lecturer Hassan Saad Muohammed