R & D Division

Research and Development
Deanship of Scientific Research 


AL-Kunooze University College follows the European model, which emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary teaching, research and higher education.

Students are encouraged to ask questions and open up to new horizons while emphasizing their abilities to integrate knowledge. The answers can be multifaceted and solutions come from multi-disciplinary and intercultural dialogues.

The presence of foreign partners creates an opportunity for new ideas, new horizons and new discoveries as well. These three factors stimulate the latest scientific research and impose high-quality teaching at AL-Kunooze University College.

Teaching coders at the University Treasures College have the opportunity to participate in:

Collective research projects
Summer schools and international postgraduate preparatory courses
AL-Kunooze University College implements at least one research project and is approved by the University Council. When this project is completed, it will be evaluated and widely disseminated to university followers.

Faculties and publishing research projects are evaluated annually and fully compiled in the Arab International University's annual research report.