Continuing Education Division

Vision - Mission - Mission - Goals

An essential pillar of the post-graduate continuing education in the initial studies and the rehabilitation and development of technical staff to supplement the development plans with renewable human capacities accompanying scientific and technological developments and represents a leading reference in the field of education, rehabilitation and development.

the message:
The center is interested in training and developing the skills of individuals working in the institutions of the three sectors (public, private and mixed) in the fields that are required and needed by the fields of work to raise the level of job and institutional performance.


1. Developing and qualifying engineering and scientific staff in the specializations required to keep pace with the global scientific developments needed by industrial and production projects.

2. Employing the latest technological and scientific innovations and developments in the various specializations that the world is witnessing in the applied fields.

3. Connecting the university with engineering and industrial work fields and contributing to the preparation and qualification of technical staff of engineers and technicians for the various industrial and economic sectors.

4. Responding to the wishes of the beneficiaries in preparing additional special programs for the development and development of human resources and training them in the latest methods of science and technology