Laboratory Management Division

Laboratory Management has worked to achieve the University's vision of being one of the world's leading universities in the fields of education and research through the provision of state-of-the-art facilities that meet the requirements of academic accreditation.

And working to access all labs and laboratories of the college to the highest level of scientific equipment through the development of the applied side in the educational and research process and organize the use of the possibilities and technical expertise, laboratory and scientific faculty to interact with the current and future needs of the University.

Including laboratories

Unit for supplying laboratory supplies of chemicals and glass.
Insurance of consumables such as chemicals and glassware as well as scientific devices and specialized and accurate tools and auditing the applications of chemicals and glassware received from the departments and general supervision of the cooling rooms and recycling of chemicals and follow-up with the Standing Committee for the prevention of chemical pollution for the disposal of expired chemicals and empty chemical containers.

Follow-up unit for the maintenance of scientific devices and the infrastructure of laboratories and laboratories.
Safety and safety unit in laboratories and laboratories.
Where the procedures of the fire safety and security system were implemented in the laboratory.
(Eye Wash Station, Fire Blankets, First Aid Bag, Fire Extinguishers