Human Resources Division

Director's word:

We have in the human resources management in Al-Kunooze university  college great goals and great aspirations and trust in ourselves and the leadership of our college and depend on our employees to provide our message and we seek to create an environment that enables everyone to add a qualitative value to the work that we do and we aim in human resources management to be our work comprehensive, supportive and based on success And on building high levels of trust between us and our employees, we have a proactive approach in implementing positive policies and learn from our environment and benefit from the experiences of others as we take what suits us and develops and builds on it for the sake of scoring and improving our management and college and we always strive to search for all ways Question to help our employees and to preserve our most important resources, by providing a set of incentives and rewards, and we are keen to enhance investment in human capital through developing competencies and developing skills and providing the necessary legislation that guarantees rights and clarifies duties.
And human resource management, grows and thrives every day with the efforts of our employees, armed with the determination and determination and guidance of our leadership, which put the employee, development and education at the top of its priorities. We in the Human Resources Department, our motto is "The most important of the service is the way it is provided, and more important than the number of transactions are customer satisfaction, and the value of each official is what he accomplishes in serving people."
Hence, we set our sights on activating the role of human competencies in the college as it is a bet in the process of sustainable development for future universities, and this will not happen without looking at the employee’s productivity level and the extent of his influence in his work environment through mutual cooperation and real partnership with different parties to raise performance to the top The levels, whether on a personal or institutional level, and this necessitates us accelerating the steps towards the future in all fields.
To achieve the future aspirations of our college and to anticipate the future with its opportunities and challenges, we are working hard to put in place the legal, administrative and administrative frameworks, standards and tools that are necessary to keep pace with the accelerating transformation in the nature of administrative work. Part of the success of our university college to be a magnet attracting all talents to join us.                                                                                                                                        


                                                                           Mr. Muhammad Mahdi Jassim Al-Essa


Human Resources Division

The tasks of the human resources division in the college:

Supervising the faculty members of the staff, monitoring their work hours, their discipline, and their adherence to the instructions.
Follow up the mail and answer the mail of the division and its affiliated units.
Follow up on the entitlement of the teaching staff and employees regarding bonuses and promotions, each according to its entitlement.
Correctly issuing university orders and academic documents for associates
Preparing a staffing record that includes information on all faculty and staff members.
Preparing the human resources record for the teaching staff and the employees and confirming all their information, which includes the name of the associate, his certificate, his scientific title or his job title, the date he acquired the scientific title or the job title, and the date of commencement.
Preparing the record of bonuses for teachers and employees, indicating the name of the member, the date of obtaining the degree and the stage, and the date that he deserves to be promoted or bonus, and issuing a monthly administrative order "to grant the associate the annual bonus according to the date of its entitlement
Prepare a record of employees on the temporary owners and employees in the form of daily wages for the owners of the college and verify their information.

Print the post
The mail for the Human Resources Division is printed by Mr. (Muhammad Mahdi), Miss (Marwa Saad) and Mrs. (Farah Abdel Hussein), and the mail is printed on a daily basis in order to ensure prompt response.

The tasks of the units of the Human Resources Division
1- Functions of the teaching affairs unit official

Checking the teachers ’files and completing the deficiencies, if any
Raising the names of the teachers who are eligible for the bonus or promotion according to the due date.
Raising the teaching professors dealings with regard to changing the certificate or changing the scientific title to the university presidency for the purpose of conducting the necessary by them
A validation procedure for the issuance of university orders for the award of master's and doctorate degrees to associates
Checking the files of the newly appointed faculty, and sending them to the university for the purpose of auditing them

2- Personnel Affairs Unit

Functions of the unit official
Checking the employees ’statements, and completing the deficiencies in them
Raise the names of employees who are entitled to a bonus or promotion to the university presidency for the purpose of granting them a bonus or promotion according to their entitlement.
Checking the files of the new appointees and sending them to the university presidency for the purpose of auditing them.

3- Unit of personal data and files

Functions of the unit official

Checking all the files of the teaching staff and employees and completing the deficiencies in them
Maintaining the files and following the entry of the required data in the service record.
Ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the files
4- Inbound and outbound unit

Functions of the unit official

Record all books coming to the college in the general incoming record
Register all books issued by the college in the issued record.
Distributing incoming and outgoing mail to the college's units and units.
5- The National Retirement Unit.

Functions of the unit official
Responsible for filling the data for each member and according to the form of the National Retirement Commission and updating the data for the associate teaching staff and employees on the permanent staff of the college

6- Information and Guard Unit

Tasks of the Information Unit official

He undertakes the task of protecting the college from his sons, associates, and students, “in the shadow of the college’s property, taking security precautions, and deploying associates from the guards day and night” in order to secure the college’s protection to facilitate the educational process as well as protecting teachers and students and preserving their lives in coordination with the security and official authorities through exchanging information and providing The internal and external security of the college

As well as to search students and visitors and follow the security measures necessary to maintain the security of the college

7- The Civil Defense Unit

Functions of the unit official

Follow-up of the committees formed in the college related to civil defense and immediate aid.