Legal and Administrative

Among its tasks is the direct supervision of all legal and administrative matters related to the members of the faculty formations. It also organizes and follows up on administrative matters and supervises the university’s staff, faculty affairs, appointments, reassignment, retirement referral transactions, and organizes identities for associates in all college formations and is associated with the assistant president for administrative affairs. This position is one of two teachers with a PhD.

First. Structural:
It consists of the following divisions:
1- Human Resources Division.
a. Calculating the service, vacations, salaries, courses, adding the service, entering data and information according to the estimated work procedures on the computer and storing them in personal files according to digital indexing and their date.
B. Follow up the circulars and decisions issued by the Deanship of the College and inform the concerned units for the purpose of immediate response, including the circular.
C. Granting the faculty and employees annual bonuses and promoting them to a higher level of employment according to their actual entitlement in terms of certification and actual service.
Dr. Electronic documentation of all department activities through creating an integrated database and storing it on CD-ROM.
e. Contributes to the implementation of the quality program for the people and administrative units.
And the. Preparing the various statistics for the permanent employees who enjoy leave or leave work and those who resign.
G. Accomplish the work honestly, honestly and sincerely to preserve the college's reputation for excellence in work and provide the best services and as soon as possible.
H. Attempting to obtain the highest ranks in the validity of job results and matching them with the vocabulary of the owners' degrees and movement in terms of accuracy of information and implementation of decisions and instructions.
I. Complete the procedures for appointing and transferring and placement transactions within the college for the faculty and staff.
V. Conducting the transactions requested from the affiliate, such as letters of support, no-objection and clearance.
K. Update and follow-up landlord records.
2- Legal Division.
The Legal Division responds to books on legal affairs and participates in all investigative committees formed by the Deanship of the College and prepares records related to them and submits them to the Deanship of the College and the Ministry for the purpose of approval and follow-up on the implementation of recommendations, as well as approving pledges, contracts, competencies, teacher loans and employee advances By the director and legal staff in the division and opening its own records.
3- Employment and Staff Division.
It is one of the important people in which the salaries of the employees and instructors will be amended and the job titles of the employees are considered and the annual bonuses are made in relation to the teachers and employees in the college and the work of service additions for the teachers and employees in the college with checking the job grades and approving the cadres of   Al-Kunooze University  College.