Business Administration Department

The Business Administration program at Al Kunooze University College is essential in facing the current challenges of the administrative environment. This program is designed to provide management students with the necessary information and skills and includes analysis techniques and tools for solving various business problems, formulating and implementing business strategies as well as understanding management functions. Self-confident leaders who excel at problem solving, and managers equipped with the ability to analyze and creatively think are the main products of this curriculum. Without the right decision and good management of a manager, the organization fails. The department accepts middle school graduates (scientific and literary) and trade high school graduates.

Vision of the department:
Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are able to establish their own businesses

Department Message:
The Department of Business Administration believes that learning management and transforming it into effective practices contributes to building an advanced society, as it is self-management. Therefore, the department seeks to enable individuals to efficiently manage their businesses and provide useful and productive knowledge to public and private organizations through preliminary and higher studies, conducting scientific research, providing advice and designing systems. The department also has the distinction of being a school for pioneers that teaches generations and learns from them to be a symbol of human and intellectual giving.

Educational goals
1 - Developing students' abilities to meet the requirements of work in the business environment

Building the leadership character of students and developing it to deal with individuals in the work environment

2 - Acquiring additional knowledge supporting the administrative specialization to enable students to deal with business challenges

3 - Enabling the student of creativity and creative thinking

4 - The ability to deal with variables of the business environment and face emergency situations and crises
5- Establishing a scientific base for scientific research that generates specialized management knowledge in the local and global market

6 - Developing students' abilities and skills to use information technology in practice

7 - Holding seminars, seminars and conferences in the field of specialization to discuss contemporary issues, or problems of scientific reality.