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Department of Medical Instrumentation Technical engineering

The vision of the Department of Medical Instrumentation Technical Engineering is to qualify the student to be an applied engineer who is familiar with modern technologies in the field of medical instrumentation engineering. In addition, it provides an academic environment and community services to keep pace with the rapid development in the field of medical devices and provides the latest study programs to keep up with the corresponding scientific departments of engineering of medical instrumentation technologies in the Arabic and international words.


The message of the Department of Medical Instrumentation Technology Engineering lies in providing an educational, technical and research environment for students through modern educational programs and curricula that demonstrate the importance of this specialization. Provide practical scientific curricula and laboratories and advanced applied research to simulate the need of the labor market and open up to health institutions and contribute to the improvement of health realities at the international and regional levels.
- Providing training equipment for microprocessors from a global origins and used in advanced educational institutions corresponding to the activity of the department, providing programming cars with a range of microprocessors and conducting applied courses within its field of work and subjecting laboratory workers to advanced workshops to achieve performance and achievement of objectives


• Graduate an engineering staff with scientific and practical skills in diagnosing and repairing the resulting malfunctions in medical devices.
• Equip competent engineers with the ability to keep pace with the rapid development of medical devices and acquire the necessary skills to develop and update medical devices.
• Installation and operation of various electronic and electro-mechanical medical devices in both diagnostic and therapeutic types.
• Contribute and supervise the maintenance and calibration of various medical devices.
• Design, develop and try to find alternatives to some parts related to medical devices.

Department professors

نزار عبدالامير حسين

استاذ دكتور

   مروة جواد كاظم راضي الدنين 

استاذ مساعد دكتور

قاسم عبد الجبار عبد الرزاق السالم

استاذ مساعد

عبدالحسن مجلي جعفر الحلفي

استاذ مساعد دكتور

يسرى مازن حسن العبياوي

مدرس مساعد

أمل حسين محمد البزوني

مدرس مساعد

   أمجد هاشم فيصل اليوسف 

مدرس مساعد

مصطفى صباح عبد الرحمن خلف

مدرس مساعد

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