About the Department of Computer Techniques Engineering The Department of Computer Technologies Engineering was established in the academic year (2012-2013) as a technical engineering department that aims to prepare specialized cadres in the field of computer networks, digital communication systems and all modern technologies related to this specialty in addition to the fields of digital electronics, various digital processors, electronic control systems and their related matters, as well as familiarity with the systems. The software and its work details meet the growing need for specialists in computer technology engineering. In this section, graduates of middle school in its scientific branch are accepted in addition to graduates of vocational education in the majors of computers, electronics, and information technology, as well as graduates of industrial studies from departments corresponding to the specialization, bearing in mind that the period of study in it is four years, after which the graduate obtains an engineering bachelor’s degree that qualifies him to practice technical engineering work, especially in The field of designing and implementing computer-based systems in their work. The Council of the Department of Computer Technology Engineering includes a group of teaching professors on permanent staff who hold a doctoral degree and hold a master's degree, and a group of engineers and programmers. The Department of Computer Technology Engineering provides high-quality study programs and educational services It adopts an applied academic program concerned with the practical teaching and training of students in the specialized subjects and the auxiliary materials for the specialization. The curriculum vocabulary has been prepared by specialized committees and in line with modern technologies in this specialization, where the general specialization of the department branches into two specialized branches according to the student's desire and after the student’s success to the third stage of study, namely (Computer Communications Networks Branch) and (Computer Electronics Branch). The academic courses of the department include general engineering requirements in computers, communications, and electronics and specialization requirements such as computer networks and communications to graduate the engineer who is able to find scientific and practical solutions to the problems faced by factories, international institutions and various bodies in this field. The graduate of the department is usually able to: Design and implementation of computer based systems. Dealing with digital electronic and control and control systems using computers, in addition to mobile communications and optical fibers. Familiarity with the design, installation and management of computer networks and networking devices. Familiarity with low-level languages ​​that deal with computer hardware as well as high-level languages ​​for the purpose of controlling computer-based systems in their operation. After completing the academic program, the graduate obtains a bachelor’s degree in computer technology engineering, and the demand for its graduates is high in its local environment. The graduate is accredited by the Iraqi Engineers Association, and the graduate can apply for postgraduate studies in the fields of computer technology engineering in all specializations. Objectives : The department aims to prepare technical engineers with high skills in the field of specialization so that the demand for its graduates is high, as well as contacting the scientific bodies and disseminating the results of students both internally and externally, creating opportunities for communication with the widest number of specialized institutions to create opportunities to nurture the talents and scientific innovations of students in the department. Also, the department seeks to involve students in experiences outside the university framework through direct interaction and coexistence with the facilities of life and the various state institutions, as this coexistence creates the appropriate environment for proposing solutions and direct observation of the various work obstacles and thus seeking to alleviate the burdens of citizens by touching problems and suffering directly. the message : Qualifying a graduate of the Department of Computer Technology Engineering / Computer Communications Networks Branch to be an applied engineer with the ability to design, operate, program, maintain and update computer communication networks, and the possibility of dealing with computer networks existing in different systems in a manner that achieves the department's vision and goals. Graduate employment opportunities: Graduates of the Department of Computer Technology Engineering can work in several areas within the specialization where computer technologies are in great demand in both the private and public sectors, and the department's graduate can work in th.

Department of Computer Techniques provides high-quality educational programs and educational services through which it seeks to qualify students in the branches of computer communication networks in order to expand future employment opportunities for students, and the branches are carried out in coordination with government colleges that have been twinned with them and under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The department also seeks to coordinate with governmental and private institutions in scientific interaction with them to create a platform for future job opportunities for students, as graduation projects have been prepared in accordance with the needs of the various state institutions in order to put the student in the labor market to coexist directly with practical life..