Since its establishment in 2013, the department has been striving to achieve its mission and focus on a number of goals stemming from the goals of the college and its philosophy. 1. It was provided by specialized education opportunities in the field of rights and judicial work and contributed to providing the community with specialists in the field of legal sciences. 2. Building the personality of the student in different dimensions according to the system of Arab and Islamic values, with emphasis on the methodology of scientific thinking, initiative and sense of responsibility and then work and public service and strengthen national belonging. 3. The development of knowledge through scientific research and encouragement, whether by members of the teaching staff in the department or its request and employment in solving problems and issues of development. 4. Document scientific links with the corresponding law faculties in other universities and exchange experiences with them. 5. Holding specialized scientific conferences and symposia and seminars to discuss solving a particular problem or several problems related to legal and judicial development issues. 6. Seeking to attract members of teaching staff with outstanding scientific expertise and competence. 7. Enabling the student to carry out the work related to his specialization. 8. Pay attention to Arabic language in teaching and scientific research and work on transferring knowledge from various sources into Arabic. 9. Pursuing the development and updating of curricula for studies to suit all changes and amendments to the laws in force..

The Department of Law aspires to be a beacon of science for the conscious generation of tomorrow, and to provide continuous skills capable of creativity, development of the environment and society through the establishment of concepts of administrative control elements and contribute locally to the enrichment of knowledge and legal sciences..