KUC is committed to providing accredited pharmacy education and seeks to advance pharmaceutical knowledge through research and community service in order to serve the pharmacy profession and the scientific community and the general public. Founded in 2021, it seeks to prepare solid scientific pharmaceutical cadres capable of providing the highest levels of pharmaceutical and medical services, and keeping pace with scientific developments. In its management, it is an efficient scientific study, with great experience in pharmacology, and the school with international universities in the field of pharmacy, contains scientific sciences specialized in scientific sciences and science sciences, scientific sciences, applied sciences, analytical chemistry, microbiology, drugs, physical pharmacy, specialized pharmaceutical research In medical physiology, medical physics, anatomy, and pharmacology specializing in industrial pharmacy, municipality, and computer laboratory), studying for a five-year scholarship in pharmacy.

To serve the healthcare community by nurturing competent and professional pharmacists while promoting a learning environment that fosters innovation, leadership, continued professional development and quality assurance making KUC one of the leading institutions for the Pharmacy education in the world..