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Al-kunooze University College was founded on 11/10/2012 in accordance with the letter of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers No. 66123/81/10 and based on the decision of the Council of Ministers in the forty-fourth session held on 9/10/2012, in which it obtained the approval of the granting of the licence to establish the University Al-kunooze College in Basra Governorate includes the following departments (Law, Computer Technology Engineering, Business Administration). In 2015, the college received an ISO certificate from the American organization.
In 2016-2017 the Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques was created and 2020 new departments were created in the following disciplines (dentistry, pharmacy, engineering of medical device techniques). In 2022, new departments were introduced in the following disciplines (dental industry, accounting).
The college is characterized by leadership and excellence in providing educational programs of high quality that are compatible with the requirements of the labor market and scientific developments through its educational and humanitarian mission. The college is interested in preparing qualified educational and technical staff that contribute to an effective role in the development and service of the community through specialized programs according to specific criteria that are compatible with the requirements of the community. The college is interested in supporting innovation and scientific research by managing activities, whether administrative or scientific, with integrity and objectivity. The college constantly seeks to support continuing education through the establishment of various training and educational programs that contribute to the promotion of the concept of quality and commitment to the application of quality standards in all activities and operations of the college. The college adopts transparency by providing all relevant information at all stages of work, as well as societal interaction through which the commitment to building strategic relationships with various sectors and groups of society to enhance the values of belonging and citizenship among the members of the college.
The strategic objectives of Al-kunooz University College are crystallized according to the basic standards through the five-year plan. The strategic goal is to obtain institutional accreditation, achieve the quality of academic programs, fill the community's need for technical jobs, and prepare distinguished students in their specializations. Also, the work of an effective community partnership that contributes to the development of society and infrastructure, in addition to developing the capabilities of scientific research and innovation in areas of national and international importance.

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