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AL-Kunooze University College  ranked 18th in the level of public and private universities in Iraq in the classification (UI Green metric) global, which is the final report of the end of each year in December.
This is a new achievement added to the record of AL-Kunooze University College under the scientific and academic movement of the Deanship of the faculty and teaching staff and staff and students and the great role of the invested lady in supporting all the requirements of the success of the work
Many congratulations to AL-Kunooze University College and more brilliance and creativity



Latest News


International Participations

AL-Kunooze University College  participated in the twelfth international exhibition of patents in the Middle East, with one of the patents of Ass;



Gallery of plants and ornamental fish

AL-Kunooze University College  held the first exhibition of algae plants and the book exhibition in the college with the contribution of the;



An inspection visit to the child hospital

AL-Kunooze University College  team and a group of college students organized an inspection visit to the Children's Hospital for Cancer Speci;


Conferences, seminars and workshops


The Fifth Scientific Conference for Medical and Health Specializations

Al-Kunooze University College participates in organizing the Fifth Scientific Conference of Medical and Health Specializations which is held by the Ce;



At the invitation of the Malta Scientific Foundation

At the invitation of the Malta Scientific Foundation AL-Kunooze University College  at the ninth scientific conference on water, chemistry and s;



Symposium on the System of Course

AL-Kunooze University College  held a symposium on the system of courses and methods and methods of application and the duties and responsibiliti;