The meeting of the Dean of the College with representatives of students from the scientific and humanitarian departments

 Dean of Al-Kunooze University College  met the 
Asst. Prof. Dr. Osama Nadhim Al-Abadi with representatives of students from different stages of the college departments, on Sunday 3/21/2021, via Google Meeting.
Dr. Osama Al-Abadi discussed a number of topics related to the scientific, administrative, social and cultural aspects within the college, which can be referred to the most important achievements that the college has made during this period of partnership and twinning agreements with international universities and foreign companies. And the attendance and some of the problems facing them, and he expressed to them his readiness to implement their demands, as in previous meetings, most of which were addressed by the Dean of the College, and the Dean praised the effective role of student representatives in the success of the educational process in the college and urged them to march electronic examinations, taking into account the health prevention measures in order to preserve For the safety of our dear students, and as they expressed their gratitude and thanks to the Dean of the College and its distinguished council.