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In order to improve the quality of engineering education in Iraq and raise the sobriety of civil engineering colleges; Iraqi Engineers Association launches its second annual classification of civil colleges.

The Iraqi Engineers Association on Wednesday 18/9/2019 launched its second annual classification of civil engineering colleges in accordance with the international quality standards, and in accordance with the guidelines of accreditation of the union and in coordination with the supervision and scientific evaluation at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The AL-Kunooze University College has been ranked fourth out of twenty-six colleges and universities and AL-Kunooze are keen to harvest more advanced centers for the coming years.



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Student Admission Guide

Student admission guide in private universities and colleges ;



Cooperation Agreement

Met Assent.Prof. Dr.. Jassim Mohammed Salman / Dean of the AL-Kunooze University College Agency This Sunday, 29 September Mr. Dean of the Higher ;



Cooperation Agreement

AL-Kunooze University College signed on Sunday 15 September 2019 a memorandum of scientific and cultural cooperation with the College of Management an;


Conferences, seminars and workshops


Fifth Workshop on Digital Educational Content

AL-Kunooze University College, under the coordination and supervision and management of the Department of Research and Development and the ministerial;



Workshop on The Evaluation of Institutional Performance and the Mechanism of Writing The Self-Assessment Report

The College of AL-Kunooze University held a workshop entitled "Evaluation of Institutional Performance and Self-Assessment Report Writing Me;



Workshop on using the website

The Faculty of Al-Kunooze College held a workshop for teachers on the mechanism of raising lectures on the website using the server. The lecturer;